Plants vs Zombies 3 Review and Best Tips

Some gamers that the Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare was a joke taken too far. After all, who in their right mind would mix a smartphone game with an online multiplayer shooter and have success? Well, the eight million people playing Plants vs Zombies 3 are either extremely humorous or the game is so good. Whatever the answer is, this bananas app managed to rally people up. It hooked occasional FPS players and turned them into hardcore fans. This is our Plants vs Zombies 3 review, spiced up with some game tips you might want to take into account next time you start shooting down those magic-handling roses.

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Relevance to the Genre

Now, don’t you think for a second that Plants vs Zombies 3 is dead-serious like Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, and so on. It is not. The shooting extravaganza taking place here is light and funny. After all, the idea is closer to Splatoon rather than Doom.

Nonetheless, in all fairness, this is a shooter you can play online and get just as much satisfaction as you get by playing the new Doom – if you remember that you shoot icy oranges or scuba zombies instead of gory enemies. Having plenty of choices in terms of characters, players get to test a lot of abilities and a unique set of traits. You can only imagine this game’s diversity is more than you can ever expect from classic shooters.

An Overview of the Visuals

One can’t fine-tune a Plants vs Zombies 3 review without first applauding the cartoonish graphics, the flamboyant colors, the cheesy humor and the silly… pretty much everything. Not a game to be taken seriously, it is spot-on when it comes to graphics, details, depth, texture, color, contrast, and level of detail.

An expert eye cannot ignore the beauty. Sometimes, there’s also gritty realism of the designs, mixing a good dose of naivete with a masterful execution of hi-end visuals.

Game Play

Back to the game play – as this is the topic that interests everyone – you should be ready for an entertaining ride. Plants vs Zombies 3 comes with updated modes, interesting characters, additional downloadable content, and plenty of fixes. There’s enough new content to make the player’s experience smooth and enjoyable.

As you are used to by now, you have to pick a side and kick the other one’s derriere. At the same time, you’ll be leveling up, completing challenges, playing in-game mini-games and torturing your opponents with puns and jokes.

What makes the game play truly amazing is not the destination, but the journey. You have the opportunity to explore so many different and bizarre characters you might forget to level up. Their personalities, their strengths, their looks, and particularities are the backbone of the game.

Their ludicrous personalities are those details that make the production so wonderfully silly and enjoyable. Again, this is not Overwatch or some other competitive hell-bent-on-winning game, but an explosion of color and fun.

If you are a seasoned shooter player, you will also appreciate the parodies of other flagship games in the genre, together with subtle ironies targeting famous titles like Call of Duty or Battlefield. The Tower Defense mode will appeal to the silly child hiding in every adult gamer and nobody sees anything wrong with that.

The score completes and compliments the visuals. As a result, you will have your fair share of entertainment from this point of view as well.

Plants vs Zombies Best Tips

1. Make PvZ Coins out of Spawnables

Spawnables is not really a word. However, you will get to understand the term and love it in this game. You have the option of using Spawnable Plants and Spawnable Zombies you can get in Packs from the Sticker Shop.

These spawnables are A.I. entirely and behave just like any other players. However, if your minions vanquish other foes, you get PvZ coins you can further use as you please.

2. Pay Attention to Your Team Component: Health Restoration

This should be a no-brainer. However, if World of Warcraft, League of Legends or Overwatch has taught us something, that is the ultimate need of a well-tuned team component. As a gamer, you know you can’t begin a raid or a campaign without a healer on your side. Therefore, you should make sure that if you play Team Plants you have a Sunflower or a Heal Flower tagging along.

In case you engage in a Team Zombie, get a Scientist to join. These types can restore a team member’s health 100%. Therefore, this sidekick is far better than hiding to regenerate your health level.

3. Choose Your Character Wisely in Modes

Some modes bound a player to a single chosen character which cannot be changed. For example, the Garden Ops mode – a single player or co-op horde mode allowing you to use only Plant Characters and Spawnable Plants. Once the garden is built and you chose your character, you won’t be able to make character modifications anymore.

These are just basic tips that can get you started right away with this crazy title. Nonetheless, there are more resources to help you advance even faster such as Plants vs Zombies videos on YouTube.

Final Word

If you seek the serious part of this production, look away. Such a title appeared on the market with the pure purpose of entertaining the Millennials and tickling their sense of humor. At its core, this game is a tower defense scenario wrapped in rainbows and butterflies.

This was our Plants vs Zombies 3 review and game tips. Did you play the game? Have you enjoyed it so far? We’d love to hear your impressions of such an intriguing little game!