Dota 2 Guide – The Best Kept Secrets Revealed



If you are sick and tired of feeding your opponents and running back and forth from the healing fountain to the front lines, then listen very closely because this will be the most important page you will ever read!

In just minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how I went from being called a hopeless noob who couldn’t even get into a team game to achieving ‘Godlike’ status with people begging me to join their team! You can be that winner if you follow these steps closely and learn all the hidden tricks most of the pros/gosus will never teach you in years!

The rest, as you know is history. Fast forward and this is what I’ve achieved back in the old days using random nicknames in pubbies:

dota-2-25-0dota-2-triple-kill  dota-2-level-25-ownage

DOTA 2 Secrets is not your average guide, it contains 20,000 words filled with images on how to master every hero, every item, every lane, every creep and every single detail on how you can master this game in record time.

Gone are the days of trial and error.

If the only way for people to learn and grow is from each and every mistake they made from the game, then it is a really crappy way to learn the game. If you had a choice, why don’t you learn from WINNING and beating others?

This guide will save you lots and lots of time in the process and it will making your gaming experience so much more enjoyable compared to wasting precious seconds waiting to respawn at the fountain – there’s only so much gold you can spend to buy back your hero! You should be out there killing!

I know you are going to make a fantastic player if you follow the tips in this guide. Quit struggling and get started today!




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